San Francisco's Anime, Video Game, and Cartoon Convention!

January 25 & 26, 2014
Hyatt Regency Hotel
San Francisco Airport

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Artist Alley

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Artist Alley Application

Artist Alley Agreement

Seller's Permit
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Create New Account
Step 2:
Review/Edit Account
Step 3:
Awaiting Lottery
Step 4:
Step 5:
Seating and Table Payment
Step 6:
Attendee Registration
Step 7:
Sellers Permit and Finish

Artist Alley Applications

After last year's success, we are again taking Artist Alley applications online.

The Artist Alley application site has closed for the season! We've selected all our artists, and we are full!

Thank you for your interest in AOD 2014 Artist Alley!

Like last year, the Artist Alley site collects different things at each stage.
Here is what you'll need for Artist Alley:

  • Information on who you are: This is the page you're on.
  • Details on what you're selling: This is also part of the page you're at.
  • Group information: If you are part of a group with other artists, we'll need their information in step 2.

If and only if you are selected, then we'll need other things. Until you are selected, this can all wait.

  • Artist Alley Table Agreement: Everyone in Artist Alley will need to agree to the Artist Alley Table Agreement,
    and follow all the rules and such for the room.
  • Table Selection: You will be able to select your table location this year.
  • Table Payment: If your application is selected, you'll need to pay for your table.
  • Pre-Registration information: Everyone in Artist Alley will also need to pre-register for the convention.
  • Seller's Permit information: Generally, everyone who sells in the Artist Alley needs to have a seller's permit from the state (aside from some rare exceptions).

Create a New Account for Artist Alley applications!

If you are looking to apply for Artists Alley, the first step is to create an account!

If you are looking to apply as a group, you can use this form as well.
First, start with the primary member of the group; you can add the remaining members on the next form.

Be sure to apply before November 17, 2013 11:59am!

All fields with a * are required.

Account Information
  1. Your username is only for this Artist Alley application site. It is not related to any other account in any other AOD system.
    Your username should only contain letters and numbers.

  2. Your password must be a minimum of 8 characters.
    Please do not share this account password with anyone outside of your group.

  3. This password should match the password just above.

About You
  1. This must be a full legal name of the artist.

  2. Artists need to be 16 or older to apply for AOD 2014 Artist Alley.

  3. If you use a professional name for artist work, please use it here.

Email Address
  1. This should match the email address given above.

Artist Alley History
  1. We try to have a mix of new artists and returning artists.
    We also want to make sure that previously waitlisted artists also have a chance for this year.

Mailing Address
  1. If you are from outside of the US, choose "Not from the US" for the state.

Your Artwork
  1. For this field, please select the appropriate checkboxes that best describes the your your collection of items.

  2. Please provide a website link to something you plan to sell at AOD.

  3. A link to a website, or even a picture on some hosting site is fine.

  4. Please provide lots of examples of your artwork that you plan to sell at AOD.
    These should be links to specific pages or specific items.
    If you're only planning to sell a few items, then you only need to provide a few links.
    If you're planning to sell lots of items, it would be great if you provide a lot of examples.
    Take your time with this part. There is no race to submit.
    Please remember, artists may only sell their own works, unless otherwise approved by AOD in advance.

Time to Submit!

The Artist Alley application site has closed for the season! We've selected all our artists, and we are full!

Thank you for your interest in AOD 2014 Artist Alley!

If you have any questions about this Artist Alley application process, please feel free to contact us.