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About AOD

AOD is a weekend convention celebrating Japanese animation (anime), video games, recent American cartoons, and their related interests. Based in San Francisco, we are a family-friendly event where people can meet, bond, and share their interests with fellow enthusiasts. We feature fun, interactive events that celebrate, entertain, enlighten, and encourage attendees to engage and think. (We really mean "educational" but shhh- don't tell your kids that!) Our events feature a diverse range of speakers, presenters, and performers, ranging from Hollywood industry professionals to popular local artists to knowledgeable fans.

AOD is managed by FPA Events, Inc. Our team is a veteran group with many years of experience running similar events. At AOD, we're applying the very best of what we've learned and we're committed to providing the best experience possible for our attendees, vendors, and industry partners.

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AOD 2014 Artwork