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Charity Work

AOD is proud to support local and national charities through our Charity Auction and other activities. We run several charity events, principally an auction featuring unique and special items donated by guests of honor and other industry insiders, but also including quiz-show and other event formats organized around raising funds for charity. One hundred percent of funds raised for charity are donated.

Past Charity Work

AOD 2014 raised over $2,500 for charities such as the California Academy of Sciences, Alzheimer Research, and the San Francisco SPCA from our Charity Auction and other other Games With Guests. AOD 2013 also raised over $2,500 for the California Academy of Sciences, Doctors Without Borders, and the Make-A-Wish Foundation, with several different events within the AOD weekend raising funds. The AOD 2012 Charity Auction raised over $1,400, benefiting the California Academy of Sciences, Audio Theater for Our Troops, and We Heart Japan. In addition, Celebrity Jeopardy! raised another $1,300 for Audio Theater for Our Troops, Doctors Without Borders, and We Heart Japan.

At AOD 2011, we raised over $1,000 each for the California Academy of Sciences, the fantastic museum and research facility right in the heart of Golden Gate Park, and Audio Theater for Our Troops, which provides much-needed entertainment to our soldiers, with free theatrical productions from some of our best performers and writers. In 2010, AOD sponsored an auction raising over $2,300 for Child's Play, a video game industry charity which works to improve the lives of children in hospitals. In 2005 and 2006, AOD sponsored two charity auctions which benefited the San Francisco AIDS Foundation and drew donations from Pixar's John Lasseter, actors Seth Green, Robin Williams, and John Goodman, Dark Horse Comics, Japanese anime director Takeshi Mori, and many others.

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