San Francisco's Anime, Video Game, and Cartoon Convention!

January 31-February 1, 2015
Hyatt Regency Hotel
San Francisco Airport

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AOD traces its beginnings to 1997, as a weekly gathering of anime fans called AniMov. The group later took the name Anime Overdose, and in 2003 the teamed up with the Tempura Anime Club of Santa Clara University to host our first event. In 2005, the growing convention moved to downtown San Francisco, and changed focus from just Japanese anime to include other forms of animation. In 2007, we officially changed our name to Animation On Display to reflect this change in focus and emphasize the family-friendly nature of our event, but keeping the original initials AOD in recognition of our heritage. Our 2010 event was the first in SF's beautiful Japantown district.

AOD 2005 - photo credit:

Historical Specifics

AOD 2014
Date January 25-26
Location Hyatt Regency at San Francisco Airport
Attendance 2,279 unique visitors (3,363 turnstile)
Guests Martin Billany a.k.a. LittleKuriboh, Melissa Hutchison, Ken Pontac, Michael Sinterniklaas, Noelle Stevenson, Cristina Vee, Tommy Yune
Musical Performers Team Hideo, Slime Girls, Space Boyfriend, Random Encounters, AnimeMyu, Ti@Mi
Key Speakers Adam Harrington, Erik Braa, The Completionist, Cosmowright, Romscout, Trihex, Steven Savage, Michael Leonard
Key Events Speedrunning, The Walking Dead, League of Legends, Charity Auction, & Masquerade
Charity Benefactors California Academy of Sciences, RAINN, Alzheimer's Association - Northern California, Association for Frontotemporal Degeneration, Philippine Red Cross, SF SPCA
AOD 2013
Date February 16-17
Location Hotel Kabuki, Japantown, San Francisco
Attendance 2,255 unique visitors (3,481 turnstile)
Guests Adam Harrington, Christine Marie Cabanos, Cristina Vee, Eric Rogers, Erik Braa, Ian McConville, John Joseco, Ken Pontac, Kyle Hebert, Melissa Hutchison, Neil Kaplan, PMBQ, & Steve Yun
Musical Performers Hideo: Counterpoint, Vocalekt Visions, Ti@Mi, Random Encounters, IDOLM@STER Angel Hearts, & AnimeMyu
Key Speakers Matt Boyd, Steven Savage, Alex Ahad, & Warren Graff
Key Events League of Legends, Futurama, Nerdguments, Voice Acting In The Bay Area, Selling an Animated Series, Charity Auction, Small Studio Game Design, & Masquerade
Charity Benefactors California Academy of Sciences, Jerry Gelb, Doctors Without Borders, Make-A-Wish Foundation, Michael J Fox Foundation, The Braille Institute, ASPCA, & Food for Families
AOD 2012
Date February 18-19
Location Hotel Kabuki, Japantown, San Francisco
Attendance 2,195 unique visitors
Guests Neil Kaplan, Ian McConville, Ken Pontac, Stephanie Sheh, Jayson Thiessen, Cristina Vee, and Tommy Yune
Musical Performers Hideo: Overture, Anime-Myu, Yukie Dong, IDOLM@STER Angel Hearts, Vocalekt Visions, The Shogunate, NicoNicoDouga, Random Encounters Video Game Musicals
Key Speakers Steven Savage, Austin Osueke of eigoMANGA, Bronies of Northern California, Matt Boyd, Venus de Coy, Warren Graff, HobbyLink Japan
Key Events My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Female Characters in Anime, Carl Macek's Robotech Universe screening, Charity Auction, Game Design, Masquerade, Gundam Model Building, Zombie Apocalypse, AOD Celebrity Jeopardy!
Charity Benefactors California Academy of Sciences, We Heart Japan, Audio Theater For Our Troops
AOD 2011
Date February 19-20
Location Hotel Kabuki, Japantown, San Francisco
Attendance 1,482 unique visitors
Guests Robert Clotworthy, James Harper, Neil Kaplan, Ian McConville & Matt Boyd, Kevin McKeever, Ken Pontac, Cristina Vee, and Tommy Yune
Musical Performers Anime-Myu, Yukie Dong, Excerpt from Hideo — A Theatrical Concert of Music From Japanese Animation and Video Games
Key Speakers Steven Savage, Venus de Coy, Austin Osueke of eigoMANGA, Bentoboxbobby, Russell Chou
Key Events Starcraft II, Bump in the Night, AOD Celebrity Jeopardy!, Guild of Screen Actors, Cosplay Burlesque, Happy Tree Friends, Robotech, Swap Meet, Charity Auction, Masquerade
Charity Benefactors California Academy of Sciences, Audio Theater For Our Troops
AOD 2010
Date January 30-31
Location Hotel Kabuki, Japantown, San Francisco
Attendance 1,275 unique visitors
Guests PMBQ, Kyle Hebert, Carl Macek, Three Panel Soul/MacHall, Tony Oliver, Ken Pontac, Cristina Vee, David Vincent, Tommy Yune
Musical Performers David Nereus aka VEXMODE, Maganda, Neko Punch, Anime Myu, Yukie Dong
Key Speakers Steven Savage, David Ichioka, NEW PEOPLE, Venus de Coy, Bentoboxbobby
Key Events Robotech 25th Anniversary, Death Note, Manga Start, Happy Tree Friends, BlazBlue, Charity Auction, Masquerade, Swap Meet
Charity Benefactor Child's Play Charity
AOD 2009
Date February 13-14
Location Cathedral Hill Hotel, San Francisco
Attendance 1,006 unique visitors
Guests Johnny Yong Bosch, Richard Epcar, Ellyn Stern, Kevin McKeever, Ken Pontac, PMBQ, Three Panel Soul/MacHall
Musical Performers VEXMODE, AnimeMyu
Key Speakers Steven Savage, Agent 760
Key Events Robotech, Art Careers, Iron Cosplay, Voice Acting Outtakes, Happy Tree Friends, Swap Meet, Masquerade
AOD 2008
Date February 16-17
Location Cathedral Hill Hotel, San Francisco
Attendance 788 unique visitors
Guests Vic Mignogna, Tommy Yune, Neil Kaplan, Ken Pontac, Marv Wolfman, Jeannie Lee, PMBQ
Musical Performers The Black Crystals, VEXMODE, w-inds
Key Speakers MacHall / Three Panel Soul, Sean McCoy, Ian Sy
Key Events Voice Acting, Art Careers, Robotech, Storm Hawks, Digital Art, Teen Titans, Manga Start, Swap Meet, Masquerade, Iron Cosplay
AOD 2007 — Fifth Anniversary Special Mini-AOD
Date August 25th
Location Cathedral Hill Hotel, San Francisco
Attendance 782 unique visitors
Guests Ken Pontac, PMBQ, Wen M. Li
Musical Performers AnimeMyu
Key Speakers Jeannie Lee
Key Events Happy Tree Friends, Game Show, Manga Start, Careers in Art, Japanese Music, ParaPara, Masquerade
AOD 2006
Date August 4-6th
Location Cathedral Hill Hotel, San Francisco
Attendance 1,177 unique visitors
Guests Merlin Crossingham, Greg Dean, Brad DeMoss, Vic Mignogna, PMBQ, Gilles Poitras, Ken Pontac, Marv Wolfman, Tommy Yune
Musical Performers Piano Squall, Ramen & Rice, Stephanie Yanez
Key Speakers Aardman Studios, Sean McCoy
Key Events Wallace & Gromit, Happy Tree Friends, Charity Auction, Video OD, Cosplay OD, Swap Meet, Game Show, Cel Painting, Robotech: Shadow Chronicles, Masquerade
Charity Benefactor San Francisco AIDS Foundation
AOD 2005
Date March 4-6th
Location Holiday Inn Golden Gateway, San Francisco
Attendance 1,593 unique visitors
Guests Alex Borstein, Debi Derryberry, Brad DeMoss, Yuriko Fuchizaki, Eileen 'Kaki' Hu, Takayuki Karahashi, Takeshi Mori, Hirofumi Murasaki, Saki Nimiya, PMBQ, Gilles Poitras, Ken Pontac, Psycho Le Cemu, Rob Paulsen, Tara Strong, Sunmin Park, Marv Wolfman
Musical Performers Psycho Le Cemu, The Beautiful Losers, USA Musume, Ramen and Rice, Maiyu
Key Speakers deviantART
Key Events Masquerade, Cosplay OD, Iron Cosplay, Charity Auction, Video Contest, Karaoke, Gaia Online Panel, Super Dolfies panel, Family Guy, Teen Titans
Sponsors Consulate General of Japan, Consulate General of the Republic of Korea, ADV Films, FUNimation, Viz
Charity Benefactor San Francisco AIDS Foundation
AOD 2004
Date March 5-6th
Location Santa Clara University
Attendance 808 unique visitors
Guests Yuriko Fuchizaki, Eileen 'Kaki' Hu, Carl Macek, Hirofumi Murasaki, Saki Nimiya, Fred Patten, PMBQ, Gilles Poitras
Musical Performers 13-37, Maiyu, DJ Jinnai, DJ MPU
AOD 2003
Date May 3-4th
Location Santa Clara University
Attendance ~100 people
Guests Gilles Poitras