San Francisco's Anime, Video Game, and Cartoon Convention!

January 25 & 26, 2014
Hyatt Regency Hotel
San Francisco Airport


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2014 Registration

Attendee Registration
Register at the Convention! Online sales have ended, but at-door registration is still available.

Pre-Show Entertainment

Swap Meet
Friday night Swap Meet, from 8:30pm to 10:30pm!

Friday night Speedrunning demonstration, starting at 8:30pm!


Performances & Music

AOD has a proud tradition of bringing our fans unique and exciting concerts and musical performances. With a slew of talented musicians in the works, AOD 2014 is teaming up with a variety of cartoon, anime, and video game related musicians to entertain and impress you. 

Animation for Songs

With Random Encounters.
Sun at 11 am for 60 minutes.
In room Live Events 3.

Whether it's Disney, South Park, My Little Pony or Tetris: The Musical, animating a song can be tricky business! Come talk shop and learn some musical animation tips from the internet songsmiths responsible for "Random Encounters." No animation experience (or singing) required!


Sat at Noon for 60 minutes.
In room Main Stage.

Animemyu is a Performing group whose main goal is to introduce the Japanese language through animation songs. They are best known for their Sailor Moon Musical and for having Virtual Idol Mari Watanabe as their Leader. They are celebrating their 7th Anniversary together at AOD, and hope everyone has a great time. They have brought old classics as well as new material to dance to, so be ready to participate.

Composing for Animation & Video Games

With Aivi Tran.
Sun at 1 pm for 60 minutes.
In room Live Events 2.
Also categorized as Industry.

Join Aivi Tran (Steven Universe, Cryamore, The Black  Box) of Aivi and Surasshu and Tommy Pedrini (Bravoman, The Impresario, Adventure Time: Hey Ice King...) of Cats on Mars and ULTRANIMBUS for a discussion on creating music for animation and video games. Our panelists are reflecting on the musical creative process, collaborating with other musicians and artists, and how these processes change when applied to specialized media.

Concert: Hideo

Sat at 3 pm for 60 minutes.
In room Main Stage.

Team Hideo to return for their fourth year at AOD!

AOD 2014 is pleased to welcome Team Hideo – the group behind Hideo – A Theatrical Concert of Music from Japanese Animation and Video Games – back for their fourth year at the con for a special musical extravaganza!

Team Hideo gathers the best, most enthusiastic video game and/or anime-loving musicians, actors, and artists to produce all-original shows featuring video game and anime music performed live to a dramatic story.  Hideo was most recently on stage at the Paramount Theater in Seattle, Washington as part of PAX Prime 2013 and the group has produced a 4-track studio EP, Songs from The Shiny Mug, and a 5-track live EP, An Evening at The Shiny Mug.  They also release original anime and game music arrangements along with the sheet music via their YouTube channel every two weeks.

In honor of AOD's new venue for 2014, Team Hideo asked their arranger to put together almost 20 new songs for a special hour-long concert of classic video game and anime tunes from such titles as Super Mario Bros., Cowboy Bebop, The Legend of Zelda, Chrono Cross, Mega Man 2 and 3, Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy VII, Castlevania, and more.  Join us at 3pm on Saturday at the Main Stage, with a meet-and-greet to follow!

Concert: Slime Girls and Space Boyfriend

Sat at 9 pm for 90 minutes.
In room Main Stage.
Also categorized as AOD at Nite.

Stick around after Masquerade! We are featuring the following musical acts for AOD at Nite: 

Space Boyfriend is your boyfriend from space who sings about love, ambition, and sticky fruit kisses. Let’s have a Watermelon Party!

Slime Girls is an eternal love letter to the solace of fantasy and the substance found in 2D. Let's smile and shout in unison. Digital punk rock spirit.


Crash Course into Hello!Project

With Marjorie Macahito & Tiffany Fujii.
Sat at 4 pm for 60 minutes.
In room Live Events 3.

Dive into the fandom of Morning Musume, Berryz Koubou, ℃, S/Mileage and much more! With so many idols, where do you begin? Join us to learn more about the history, culture, and concepts of the J-Pop enigma that is Hello!Project, including special performances from YouTuber majikuruMaChan2 and Tiffany of Ti@Mi!

Hideo: Meet & Greet

Sat at 4 pm for 30 minutes.
In room Main Stage.

Meet the cast and crew from Hideo: Counterpoint!

Localizing a legend: How SEGA brought Hatsune Miku to the West

With Aaron Webber (Brand Manager at SEGA of America) & Sam Mullen (Producer at SEGA of America).
Sat at 3 pm for 60 minutes.
In room Live Events 1.
Also categorized as Industry.

Hatsune Miku’s first western video game arrived in 2013, and it all happened thanks to an amazing story involving Miku fans like you. Come learn how SEGA was able to release Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F for PS3, and what it’s like to localize a game like Hatsune Miku for Western audiences!

Odottemita and Utattemita Showcase with Ti@Mi!

With Ti@Mi.
Sun at 3:30 pm for 60 minutes.
In room Main Stage.

Don't miss this showcase of dance and song covers from Nico Nico Douga, Idols and Animes by Ti@Mi.

Random Encounters' Video Game Musicals

With Random Encounters.
Sat at 7 pm for 90 minutes.
In room Live Events 1.
Also categorized as Video Gaming.

Zelda, Team Fortress 2, Pokémon and more get a Disney movie makeover as RANDOM ENCOUNTERS returns for a third year of Animation on Display! Watch your favorite video games become Broadway show-stoppers, from a Batman rock-opera to a Tim Burton-style Pac-Man musical! (Uncontrollable singalongs are totally welcome.)

SBA0048's First Stage: Aitakatta!

With Takamini/Sami, Yukirin/Nikkitty, Yuko/Jenny & Mayuyu/Heidi.
Sat at 1 pm for 60 minutes.
In room Main Stage.

Aaaah, Yossha Ikuzo! Tiger, Fire, Cyber, Fiber, Diver, Viber, Ja ja! SBA0048 presents our first stage: Aitakatta! Join us as we sing and dance to your favorite AKB48 songs and teach you a little bit about the group in-between. We're waiting to meet you!


Cosmo Wright, oil and canvas, 2013
With Cosmo Wright, Romscout & Trihex.
Also categorized as Video Gaming.

Fresh off of their contributions to Awesome Games Done Quick 2014, which raised over one million dollars for the Prevent Cancer Foundation, AOD is ecstatic to welcome three popular members of the speedrunning community! 

Cosmo Wright

Cosmo Wright co-founded, a website which showcases the fastest and brightest stars of livestreamed video game speedruns. While he is an expert at many games, his specialties include speedrunning The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. You can find his speedruns online at TwitchTV and YouTube.


Well known for his skills with Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Romscout is a well-respected member of the Speed Demos Archive community, and the head of Summer Games Done Quick. On top of his many world records in the Castlevania series, he loves to speedrun everything from the Shin Megami Tensei series to Mega Man. You can find his speedruns online at TwitchTV and YouTube.


Trihex and his magnificent afro represent the pinnacle of speedrun showmanship, specializing in the crowd-pleasing games Yoshi's Island, Jet Set Radio, and Jet Set Radio Future. Aside from AGDQ, you can find him constantly working to improve his times on TwitchTV and YouTube

The Completionist

With The Completionist.
Also categorized as Video Gaming.

Jirard "Dragon Rider" Khalil has been completing games for as long as he remembers. But it wasn't until 2011 that Jirard teamed up with his buddy Greg Wilmot to create a show called The Completionist.  The Completionist is a review show in which Jirard completes a game 100 percent so that you don't have to! And while Jirard explains everything about the game, Greg entertains people with jokes, both good and bad. And now, they've made it here to this convention to meet you! Or not meet you... you decide!.. please come say hello to us

Vocaloid Fan Panel (13+)

With Katie Britt, Laura Britt & Suzanne Karagosian.
Sun at 10 am for 60 minutes.
In room Live Events 2.
Also categorized as Contests.

For fans of Vocaloid, you don't want to miss this awesome event! Featuring your favorite characters, come play games and trivia and win tons of prized. Don't miss the Q&A and request session at the end. 

Wotagei Workshop

With Yeh Fang, Bert Hong, Nelson Louie, Joseph Macasocol & Ed Schwartz.
Sun at Noon for 60 minutes.
In room Main Stage.

Come learn about the art of Japanese idol concert cheering and dancing! We will demonstrate some wotagei for you and then teach you how to do it too so you can have a more interactive experience at Japanese concerts!