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Performances & Music

AOD has a proud tradition of bringing our fans unique and exciting concerts and musical performances. With a slew of talented musicians in the works, AOD 2014 is teaming up with a variety of cartoon, anime, and video game related musicians to entertain and impress you. 

Club Lollipop Presents...

Sun at 11 am for 60 minutes.
In room Gaming Pavilion.

Club Lollipop is a dance group based in from Salinas, CA whose members love dancing to J-Pop & K-Pop! They hope to produce a show for everyone to enjoy! You can check out their dances at & our page,, for more info.

Concert: Hideo

Sat at 3 pm for 60 minutes.
In room Events 1.
AOD 2015 is pleased to welcome Team Hideo—the group behind Hideo - A Theatrical Concert of Music from Japanese Animation and Video Games—back for their fifth year at the con!
What is Hideo?  Hideo is a story expressed through both musical and dramatic performance—a “theatrical concert”—featuring music from Japanese animated series and video games.  What started six years ago as just an idea has grown into a full-blown stage production involving over thirty passionate and talented musicians and actors from all over the San Francisco Bay Area and the rest of California. Each member of the ensemble is a self-proclaimed video game, music, and/or anime fan, and it’s this collective passion that serves as the foundation and heart of every Hideo performance. All musical pieces are unique arrangements, allowing Hideo to stay true to the source material the fans love—music from Super Mario Bros., Cowboy Bebop, Final Fantasy, Zelda, and much, much more—while fitting each piece into the context of their original story.
Hideo has been on stage for FanimeCon in San Jose, California and PAX Prime in Seattle, Washington, and the group has produced a 4-track studio EP, Songs from The Shiny Mug, and a 5-track live EP, An Evening at The Shiny Mug. They also release original anime and game music arrangements along with the sheet music via their YouTube channel every two weeks. Find more info as well as performance videos, sheet music, and free singles for download on their website at

eMpiRe Dance Show

With Ris, Florence, Beck, & Xan.
Sat at 2 pm for 60 minutes.
In room Gaming Pavilion.

Dance crew eMpiRe puts on an upbeat odottemita dance performance to Vocaloid/Jpop songs Happy Synthesizer, Sweet Time, Pon Pon Pon, and more!



Sun at 1 pm for 60 minutes.
In room Gaming Pavilion.

We're Hello!Musume! We're a group of girls singing and dancing to Hello!Project music in order to spread happiness and smiles through j-pop music and idols!

MajikuruMaChan2 LIVE! Feat. SNB

Sat at 5 pm for 60 minutes.
In room Gaming Pavilion.

Do you enjoy J-Pop and Vocaloid music and dancing? Watch YouTuber and local Bay Area idol Butters (majikuruMaChan2) perform songs and dances for your entertainment! She is joined by dancer Serika and together, they are SNB!


Sat at 4 pm for 60 minutes.
In room Gaming Pavilion.

Featuring some of the bay area's most talented cross over musicians, Multiplayer the band presents a metal and hip hop influenced take on video game classics with electrified string instruments, pounding guitar and mad beat boxing skills.

Multiplayer (Sunday)

Sun at Noon for 60 minutes.
In room Gaming Pavilion.

Featuring some of the bay area's most talented cross over musicians, Multiplayer the band presents a metal and hip hop influenced take on video game classics with electrified string instruments, pounding guitar and mad beat boxing skills.

SBA0048's Second Stage: Shoujo Tachi yo!

Sat at 3 pm for 60 minutes.
In room Gaming Pavilion.

SBA0048 returns to AOD with their next stage, Shoujo Tachi Yo! Watch these idols sing and dance to some of your AKB48 favorites, and perhaps discover new ones as well. We're waiting to meet you!


Also categorized as Gaming.

If you love seeing video games played with speed, skill, and humor, speedrunning is for you. The concept of a speedrun is simple: players try to use every trick in the book (and some that were never in any book) to beat their favorite games in record times. If you've never seen The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time beaten in 18 minutes, or Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island completed in 2 hours, then you owe it to yourself to check out these performances! 

AOD is proud to host some of the leading voices in speedrunning: Trihex, Romscout, Spikevegeta, and more of your favorite speedrunning personalities are here to discuss their craft, share stories from the Awesome Games Done Quick charity marathons, and show off their well-honed skills!

Our Performers


Romscout is one of the premier ambassadors of the speedrunning community, serving both as the charity events manager at Twitch and as the event director of Games Done Quick. He specializes in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, but he's known for letting down his hair and playing such legendary games as Lifeline and Ninja Baseball Bat Man.


Trihex is one of the best showmen in the business, known for his slick Yoshi's Island tricks as well as his smooth Jet Set Radio stylings—not to mention his occasional flashes of the gun show.


The velvety voice of Spikevegeta is a staple of every Awesome Games Done Quick marathon. When he's not reading donations or providing couch commentary, he can be found practicing his many speedruns and his trash talk at the same time. From Kingdom Hearts to Rayman to Final Fantasy, his shows are not to be missed!

View Speedrun Schedule

Super Soul Bros

Sat at 8 pm for 90 minutes.
In room Gaming Pavilion.
Also categorized as AOD at Nite.

The Super Soul Bros are a dynamic powerhouse of musicians, whose fusion of soulful jazz & funk meets the familiar melodies of your favorite classic video games. Formed in 2011 by keyboardist Robbie Benson, the Super Soul Bros have quickly gained notoriety for their intense musicianship and soulful re-imaginings of game soundtracks such as Mario Kart, Zelda, Pokémon and EarthBound. With sounds reminiscent of 70’s electric jazz era, Super Soul Bros’ nostalgic grooves and live energy is a force to behold, taking video game music to a whole new level

Tea Time Cafe

In room Maid Cafe.
Also categorized as Costuming.

Cafe hours are Saturday, 11am to 5pm, and Sunday, 11am to 3pm

Our Dearest Goshujinsama,

We are Tea Time Cafe, an Akihabara-style Maid and Butler Cafe! Our group is over 30 members strong, and it is our pleasure to not only bring the Maid Cafe culture of Japan to America, but to let people step away from the chaotic excitement of the convention for some rest and enjoy delicious food and play games with our beautiful maids and handsome butlers! Our mission is to simply create a fun, safe, and relaxing environment for all convention goers. We serve snacks and drinks, but more importantly our maids and butlers are there to serve and make sure you have smile on your face when you enter and leave our cafe. In so, we invite you to join us at AOD and have the amazing experience and the royal treatment. We eagerly await your arrival!

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  • Polaroid Pictures: $2 each
  • Raffle Tickets: 1 ticket = $1, 5 tickets = $3, 10 tickets = $5

Our raffle prize for this AOD is an Attack On Titan Nendoroid set which includes: Colossal Titan, Eren, Mikasa, Levi, and Armin! We are announcing the winners on Sunday when the café closes at 3pm.

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Ti@Mi Odottemita and Utattemita Live

With Ti@Mi.
Sat at 1 pm for 60 minutes.
In room Gaming Pavilion.

Tiffany and Ami from Ti@Mi are back to dance and sing anime songs, idol songs, Vocaloid songs and more! Bring your hype and energy!