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January 31-February 1, 2015
Hyatt Regency Hotel
San Francisco Airport

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Speakers & Panels

AOD fans and community members have prepared their original presentations and picture shows to teach, discuss, and debate all manner of outlandish and eccentric topics. From trendy Japanese dances to in-depth genre discussions, our panelists really know their stuff. 

A Pleasant Interlude With Happy Tree Friends

Happy Tree Friends
With Ken Pontac (Writer) & Warren Graff.
Also categorized as Guests, Industry.

Remember the first time you saw Happy Tree Friends, before you knew what the joke was? You kind of wondered what your friend who said, “Dude! You have to check this out!” was so excited about. It was just a bunch of cute little animals doing stupid things until, suddenly…something happened and you got the joke. Series writers Ken Pontac and Warren Graff LOVE to see people get the joke for the first time, so bring a friend who’s never seen the show, and blow their minds a little.

Basic LED Lighting for Cosplay

Also categorized as Costuming.

Ever wondered how to incorporate lights to your cosplay costumes and just don't know where to begin? Then this panel is for you. We will go over the basics of electric circuits to help you get started. We will also show examples of techniques from previous light-up cosplay projects.

Comic Creation 101

With Noelle Stevenson (Comic Artist and Writer).
Also categorized as Guests.

Take a peek inside Noelle Stevenson's writing, drawing & coloring processes for her award-winning webcomic NIMONA, as well as what she thinks about when she's writing scripts for Lumberjanes and Thor.

Crunchyroll Industry Panel

With Tiffany Chen (Marketing Manager at Crunchyroll) & Victoria Holden (Social Media Manager at Crunchyroll).
Also categorized as Anime, Industry.

Join the Crunchyroll staff as they share announcements, news, and insights into the world of international anime streaming!

Easy Animation with Live2D

With Zhiyuan Xu.

Live2D is a tool which allows artists to animate quickly and easily. Used by companies such as SQUARE ENIX and NAMCO BANDAI Games, it also allows developers to quickly integrate these animations into games and other applications. If you’re an artist or programmer, stop by this panel to learn more!

Fan Fiction Mashups and Reboots

Also categorized as Writing.

So, how many ways can you retell the adventures of Sherlock Holmes, now that the works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle are in the public domain? Is the Marvel Cinematic Universe just one big nod to transformative works? How much does the Star Trek franchise owe to fan fiction? And what purpose does the special collection at Iowa State University serve, collecting fan works in all their forms for posterity? A quick look at textual poaching in popular culture – it’s not as new as the internet. Is it really just for fans?

From Fan To Pro

With Steven Savage.
Also categorized as Career.

Steve Savage, the Geek Job Guru, takes a hard look at how hobbies can improve your career.  Your fandom is the tool you need to unlock a real career in tough times and a crazy career market.

Geek Professional Networking

With Steven Savage.
Also categorized as Career.

For people serious about geek careers.  Wether you're an old pro or a new student, looking for talent for your Kickstarter, or seeking some new contracts, come together and connect! We're discussing careers, cooperation - and seeing how some of us might team up in the future

How Anime Gets Made

With Evan Minto.

Sure, you watch anime, but do you know how it's made? Evan Minto of and Otaku USA Magazine presents this in-depth look at the anime production process, showing how a project goes from an idea to a finished product. Topics include storyboarding, background art, voice acting, and of course, the actual process of animating the show, with an eye to how all these parts work together.

How Does I Voice Act?

With Marianne Miller (Voice Actor).
Also categorized as Guests.

Come and find out helpful tips on creating healthy voices with Marianne Miller, professional voice actor and trained singer. This panel focuses on techniques on creating different characters that sound believable without ruining your vocal chords.

How To Be Your Character Without Really Trying

 A WILD PHOTOGRAPHER APPEARS! Do you strike a pose? Stop, drop and roll? Or freeze up like a deer in the headlights?!  Never fear! HTBYCWRT is here! Come learn to feel more comfortable on camera through this casual discussion of body knowledge and facial expressions, prop wielding, character acting and more.  (for Voice Acting tips, be sure to also check out How Does I Voice Act with Marianne Miller!)


How To Make Japanese Curry

A delicious curry dish
With Steven Savage.

Everyone loves Japanese Curry - and you don't need to make it with store-bought cubes! Find out about the history of the dish, how you can make it at home - and how to create your own, personal version!

Ken Pontac And Jon St John Swap Stories and Exchange Fluids (18+)

With Jon St. John (Voice Actor) & Ken Pontac (Writer).
Also categorized as AOD at Nite, Guests.

When the writer of MadWorld and Happy Tree Friends sits down with the voice of Duke Nukem and Big the Cat to swap war stories, you know sparks are gonna fly! Good thing the two animation veterans will each bring a bottle of their favorite libations to quench the flames. What did you THINK we meant by "exchange fluids," you filthy-minded degenerates?

LittleKuriboh Unabridged

Little Kuriboh at AOD 2014
With Martin Billany (aka Little Kuriboh) (Video Creator/Voice Actor).
Also categorized as Guests.

Join LittleKuriboh, creator of Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged and expert beard grower, in a live Q&A session. There's also video screenings and other malarkey!

Naruto The Abridged Comedy Fandub Spoof Series Panel (18+)

Host, LittleKuriboh
With Martin Billany (aka Little Kuriboh) (Video Creator/Voice Actor).
Also categorized as Anime, AOD at Nite, Guests.

LittleKuriboh hosts a mature look into the makings of his fan based parody of a fan based parody. Will he become Third Hokage? Why is the Rower so amazing? Will the Abridged Movie ever be finished? Find out the answer to none of these questions right here!

Portrayal of Women and POCs in Media

With Marianne Miller (Voice Actor) & Noelle Stevenson (Comic Artist and Writer).
Also categorized as Guests.

Join Marianne Miller in a discussion about the presence of women and POCs in video games, anime, and TV Shows. This panel focuses on the good examples of strong non-white/non-male character writing and explores specific ways we can focus on improving future roles.

Random Encounters' Video Game Musicals

Zelda, Pokémon, Sonic and your other favorite video games get a Disney musical makeover from the geeky YouTube team RANDOM ENCOUNTERS!  WARNING: This show contains catchy songs, nerdy humor and the dreaded Marshmallow Zone.  Singalongs are welcome.

Running a Video Games Community

Video games community South Bay Button Mashers will discuss some of the ways it takes its collective passion for video games and forms a community around it. Audience members will learn about the significance of taking video games, a widely online entertainment medium, offline to create rich social experiences & friendships.

SEGA 3D Classics - Remastering Masterpieces

Also categorized as Industry.

Join SEGA as they walk you through the magic of the SEGA 3D Classics, which include games such as Sonic The Hedgehog, Space Harrier, and Streets of Rage, and learn about the level of detail that has gone into recreating these classic titles in 3D, now available on Nintendo 3DS. Topics will include transforming 2D to 3D, recreating arcade machines, and other SEGA tidbits.

Sekai Project Industry Panel

With Christopher Ling & Raymond Qian.
Also categorized as Anime, Industry.

Sekai Project is an upcoming localization company that focuses on Japanese media content. From manga to visual novels, we are out there to look for the next big thing. Our panel will cover current and upcoming projects.

Sexual Tropes in Fanfiction (18+)

Also categorized as AOD at Nite, Writing.

If the internet is for Porn, what are you doing writing fan fiction? Oh, wait. Oh, wait a moment there indeed – what IS going on there? What does sex in fan fiction have with feminism, gender identity/expression, rape culture, AIDS, pedophilia, gamergate, harassment and the like? Slash, Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, Ships (those that do and do not go bump in the night), no the anatomy DOES NOT do that and more.

Sketchfest with Noelle Stevenson

With Noelle Stevenson (Comic Artist and Writer).
Also categorized as Guests.

Join Noelle Stevenson (aka Gingerhaze) for a two-hour request-driven doodle free-for-all... from superheroes to Lord of the Rings to wacky fandom mashups (and yes, POKEYMANS!), request and ye shall receive. Click here for some of last year's masterpieces.

The Rise of CG Anime

With Evan Minto.
Also categorized as Anime.

Despite the success of Pixar and Dreamworks in the US, anime has been slow to adopt 3-D animation. Still, computer-generated anime has been around in all shapes and sizes for decades. From low-poly helicopters to spectacular sci-fi feature films, and Otaku USA Magazine contributor Evan Minto navigates the history of CG anime and the production process behind it in this multimedia presentation.

Voice Duels with LittleKuriboh

With Martin Billany (aka Little Kuriboh) (Video Creator/Voice Actor).
Also categorized as Guests.

Fancy yourself an impressionist? It's voice versus voice! Take part in a live contest with LittleKuriboh as host as he pits you against a bevy of hopefuls in an attempt to out-voice the others!

Why We Write

Also categorized as Writing.

Why write fan fiction? What is the appeal, why it is fun? Does it provide a sandbox for aspiring writers to improve their craft? Or does it just fulfill a need to perform? Does the desire for “more” justify co-opting someone else’s work to make it your own? How does transformative work feature into your development as a writer in your own right?

Working in the Anime Industry

With Tiffany Chen (Marketing Manager at Crunchyroll) & Victoria Holden (Social Media Manager at Crunchyroll).
Also categorized as Anime, Industry.

Interested in what it's like to turn your hobby into a career? Meet with staff from Crunchyroll, ranging from marketers to engineers, as they share their secrets on how to get a job in the industry and what's it's like to live the anime life!

Writing For Animation, Video Games, and Comics

With Ken Pontac (Writer) & Noelle Stevenson (Comic Artist and Writer).
Also categorized as Guests, Writing.

The infinite void of the empty page, the crushing deadlines, the ridiculous demands of the executives… does this sound like the life for you? Decide for yourself when cartoon veterans Ken Pontac and Noelle Stevenson  overcomes their Post Traumatic Stress Disorder to relate their anus-clenching adventures in the bloody trenches of television, feature animation, and comics.

Just joking, kids, writing for animation , video games, and comics is FUN!

Writing Nuts and Bolts

Also categorized as Writing.

World building, character creation (and development), plot and point of view. Plus, using the English language for its intended purpose as communication, effectively and efficiently with proper grammar structure, spelling. Also, does writing fan fiction prepare you for anything else? What does the ability to write also prepare you for?

YouTube Horror Stories

Camera dead?  Check.  Actor didn't show?  Check.  Furiously penning a script on set?  Double check.  YouTubing may LOOK simple, but making so many videos in such short time leaves plenty to go wrong... and when it does, you wind up with a panel like this!

YouTubing Like A BOSS with Random Encounters

Also categorized as Career.

 Thinking about a cool career on YouTube?  Come learn the ins and outs of creating a popular YouTube channel, from writing and marketing to corporate networking and, of course, forging a relationship with your fans! ;)