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January 31-February 1, 2015
Hyatt Regency Hotel
San Francisco Airport

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Do your characters connect with your readers? Do your conflicts engage their emotions? Do your environments trigger their imaginations? If you're looking to take your writing to the next level, these events are for you: writers and people who love writing. Whether you are a published author or just like reading fanfics, AOD has a writing event for you!

Fan Fiction Mashups and Reboots

Also categorized as Panels.

So, how many ways can you retell the adventures of Sherlock Holmes, now that the works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle are in the public domain? Is the Marvel Cinematic Universe just one big nod to transformative works? How much does the Star Trek franchise owe to fan fiction? And what purpose does the special collection at Iowa State University serve, collecting fan works in all their forms for posterity? A quick look at textual poaching in popular culture – it’s not as new as the internet. Is it really just for fans?

Sexual Tropes in Fanfiction (18+)

Also categorized as AOD at Nite, Panels.

If the internet is for Porn, what are you doing writing fan fiction? Oh, wait. Oh, wait a moment there indeed – what IS going on there? What does sex in fan fiction have with feminism, gender identity/expression, rape culture, AIDS, pedophilia, gamergate, harassment and the like? Slash, Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, Ships (those that do and do not go bump in the night), no the anatomy DOES NOT do that and more.

Why We Write

Also categorized as Panels.

Why write fan fiction? What is the appeal, why it is fun? Does it provide a sandbox for aspiring writers to improve their craft? Or does it just fulfill a need to perform? Does the desire for “more” justify co-opting someone else’s work to make it your own? How does transformative work feature into your development as a writer in your own right?

Writing For Animation, Video Games, and Comics

With Ken Pontac (Writer) & Noelle Stevenson (Comic Artist and Writer).
Also categorized as Guests, Panels.

The infinite void of the empty page, the crushing deadlines, the ridiculous demands of the executives… does this sound like the life for you? Decide for yourself when cartoon veterans Ken Pontac and Noelle Stevenson  overcomes their Post Traumatic Stress Disorder to relate their anus-clenching adventures in the bloody trenches of television, feature animation, and comics.

Just joking, kids, writing for animation , video games, and comics is FUN!

Writing Nuts and Bolts

Also categorized as Panels.

World building, character creation (and development), plot and point of view. Plus, using the English language for its intended purpose as communication, effectively and efficiently with proper grammar structure, spelling. Also, does writing fan fiction prepare you for anything else? What does the ability to write also prepare you for?