February 13-14, 2016 · Santa Clara Convention Center

Join our weekend celebration of anime, video games, music and cartoons.

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February 13-14, 2016
Santa Clara Convention Center

AOD 2016 Online Program Schedule

Our detailed schedule is now online, all events are finalized!

Our Program Schedule

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Meet our Guests of Honor

Adam Harrington

Walking Dead, League of Legends, The Wolf Among Us

Hato Moa & Damurushi

Hatoful Boyfriend

Isuna Hasekura

Spice and Wolf, World End Economica

Ken Pontac

Sonic series, Bump in the Night, Happy Tree Friends

Liz Climo

The Simpsons

Lotus Juice

Many Anime and Video Games

Mela Lee

Yuki Cross (Vampire Knight), Rin Tohsaka (Fate/stay night)

Tommy Yune


Yuu Asakawa

Many anime titles, Vocaloid

Main Stage Music & Performances

Lotus Juice (Sat 9:30pm)
Super Soul Bros. (Sat 6:30pm)
Songhammer (Sat 3pm)
Ayakashi (Sat 11:30am)
Team Hideo (Sun 2pm)

Events & Exhibits

Unique dealers

Japanese imports and out-of-print editions.

Artist Alley

Over 50 community artists.

Game Demos

Game industry pre-launch previews.

Swap meet

One person's junk could be your treasure.

Charity Auction

Bid on great goods and items while supporting local charities.

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AOD is at the Santa Clara Convention Center

AOD 2016 returns to its roots in Santa Clara! Our new venue has easy public transit access and plenty of free parking, is larger than ever before, and is completely accessible to all.
Floorplan & Other Details

Our Sponsors

We sincerely thank our sponsors for providing unique and exclusive content at AOD. Without their help, AOD would not be possible.