March 18-19, 2017, Santa Clara Marriott

Privacy Policy

AOD strives to provide transparency in matters related to the privacy of all.

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Event Registration

During the process of registering to attend our events, AOD uses a website form to collect personal information including the attendee's name, email address, mailing address, age, and gender. This information is used by AOD for facilitating commercial transactions, registration identification purposes, and contacting registrants in the event there is an issue with their registration. This information is never shared with AOD's sponsors, exhibitors, or partners, or any other organizations.

AOD does not require, as a condition of participation, registrants to disclose more information than is reasonably necessary to participate in our events.

Anonymous demographic information (such as average age of our attendees) is aggregated and may be used for marketing purposes, and in some situations shared with our sponsors and exhibitors to help them decide whether AOD is an appropriate audience for them.

Partnered Commercial Transaction Companies

AOD has partnered with third-party companies to facilitate commercial transactions (e.g. paying for your registration). When using the services of those providers, their privacy policies are also in effect. 

Other Sign-up Forms

There are several sign-up forms on AOD's website (besides Event Registration) where personal information is collected via a website form. The information collected varies from form to form, depending on the application. Examples include, at the lesser end, our "Contact Us" form, which collects only Name and Email address, and at the other extreme, our "Staff Application" form, which collects Name, Email Address, Age, Occupation, Educational background, and Work experience.

Information collected on these forms is used solely by AOD, and is never shared with AOD's sponsors, exhibitors, or partners, or any other organizations. The information is collected for the sole purpose of the intention stated on the form.

Website Visitor Statistics

AOD uses the third-party analytics service Google Analytics to collect statistics about website visitors (for example, number of pageviews on a given day, or number of visits from a particular country during a given week). This information is used to determine the popularity of individual pages and sections. The privacy policy for Google Analytics can be found at the following link: Google Analytics Privacy Policy.

Social Media

AOD's website has some pages that integrate with various third-party Social Media websites. This allows AOD's fans to easily share information about AOD and our announcements and news items onto these social networks. Links to each Social Media website AOD offers integration with and their respective privacy policies are below:

Information Collected From Users Under 13 Years of Age

None of the information on AOD's website is intended for users under 13 years of age, and AOD does not knowingly accept information from any person under the age of 13. We do not encourage children to participate in providing us with any personally identifiable information. We ask that children (12 years of age and under) do not submit any personal information to us. If you are a minor under the age of 13 years, you will not be allowed to complete a Member ID Registration form.

We support the guidelines and regulatory requirements provided in the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA):